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The 6 min vid above is  one of many brief interviews Emma (right) has done at IMHU with pioneers  improving mental healthcare.  Karen Lawson, MD,  introduces how she teaches about Shamanism in medical schools and in nature.  To see interviews with 10 movers and shakers in integrative mental health--Click HERE

January, 2024, Book Chapter "Spiritual Emergence Coaching" in Case Studies in Spiritual Coaching: A Survey Across Life, Wellness and Work Domains.  Charles C. Thomas Publishers.


June 28, 2023, Bryn Jones Square PhD 's interview of Emma in Brains and Banter  on Spiritual Emergence and Emergency:

May 21, 2023, Finding Harmony podcast interview with Emma is on spotify::

May 8, 2023, Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium interview of Emma:

March 6, 2022, Emma was interviewed at Buddha at the Gaspump, BATGAP:

October, 2021, Emma was interviewed by Shamini Jain of CHI--Consciousness and Healing Initiative




1. Foundation for Mind-Being Research

"How Healers, Mediums and MDs Collaborate in Brazilian Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals"

Mar 11, 2021​


2. Sacred Rebellion

Birth Experiences: Dr. Bragdon talks about her experience working with clients integrating spiritual experiences related to sacred medicines, having near-death experiences or other psychic openings.  We talk quite a bit about the birth experience and how it shapes the rest of our lives. 

January 18, 2021

3. Spiritual Awakenings International

How Brazilian Spiritists Have Effectively Managed Spiritual Emergency for 100+ Years

January 16, 2021

4. Fit for Joy Podcast

Spiritual Emergency: Healing & Reconnecting

Aug 21, 2020

5. Consciousness and Health Webinar

Spiritist Therapies in Brazil

October 1, 2021

Earlier PODcasts and Online Presentations

1. On Psychedelics Today with Kyle Buller and Joe Moore

 "Can Spiritual Emergency Be Transformative?"

May, 2018


2. On WPVM.FM,  "A Mindful Emergence" with Eddie LeShure, "Online Learning to Boost Recovery and Spiritual Emergence", with Emma Bragdon, April 2, 2018

3. With Chris Cole: a podcast on "Waking Up BiPolar",  Emma talks about "Spiritual Emergency" March 15, 2018


Blog Talk on Kardec Radio: 

  1. About Managing Spiritual Crisis and Spiritual Emergency-- 2017

  2. About books by Emma Bragdon on Managing Spiritual Emergency-- 2015

  3. About Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals-- 2011




Please feel free to reprint any of these articles or hyperlink to them (as long as you include the bio of the author, as is).

1. Positive Steps Forward: Integrative Mental Health is Gaining Ground, by Emma Bragdon, published in blog on on Nov. 22, 2017

2. Psychosis or Spiritual Emergence by Nicki Crowley, MD

3. Spiritist Psychiatric Hospitals in Brazil in May/June, 2017 issue of Energy Magazine


4.  The (R)evolution of Mental Healthcare-Brazilian Style, in Spirit of Change Magazine, 2016

5. The Contribution of Spirit Release Therapy to Mental Health by A. Powell, MD




  Curious about the need to add "Spiritual Emergency" to our understanding of mental health?

1. "Crazywise" (trailer) follows two people with serious disturbance who appear to be in spiritual crisis and may have been mishandled by the conventional mental healthcare system. We must ask: what would have been better for them?

Curious about the notion of reincarnation and karma--and how that impacts on our lives?

1. "Yesterday's Children" (full film for free) is based on a true story of family love. It's a feature length film with excellent acting.

2. "I Origins" (trailer) a love story involving a scientist and his more spiritual lover.  A story of transformation.

3. "The Fountain" (trailer) Another love story with excellent acting...this one about eternal love.

Books We Recommend

"Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America"

by Robert Whitaker

"Choices in Recovery: Non-drug Approaches for Adult Mental Health" by Craig Wagner

"Soul Medicine: Awakening Your Inner Blueprint for Abundant health and Energy" by Norman Shealy, MD, PhD and Dawson Church, PhD.

"Spirituality and Psychiatry," Edited by Drs. Chris Cook, Andrew Powell and Andrew Sims






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